The Honeycomb Set of 2

For Website 2Let’s learn from the Honey Bee.  There’s a reason why the hexagon is the strongest, most efficient shape in nature!

Our “Honeycomb” roller is designed for deep tissue. This roller is perfect for physical therapy exercises. It is constructed of a sturdy core that is meant to absorb sustained intense pressure without losing shape and is hand-wrapped with high density EVA foam. Its foam pattern is meant for a penetrating deep tissue massage – its honeycomb design can dig into knots like no other roller can. It’s the closest you can get to a real deep tissue massage without heading to your local massage therapist. Our customers love the foam pattern because it penetrates just the right amount to improve blood circulation and increase flow of nutrients & oxygen to the muscle fibers without putting excessive stress on the them. Our customers also love that it is super light weight, which makes it perfect for travel – it easily fits in your luggage without adding weight. Its uniform design allows it to roll smoothly unlike other, non-uniform designs. Its hollow design helps to reduce waste and reduce its environmental impact, while enhancing its rigidity and firmness.

B01B2KBOSITo compliment the Honeycomb, we combined it with a smooth roller, which is constructed of medium-high density EVA. It is a relatively firm roller, but at the same time, it has a bit more give than the patterned roller.  It is perfect for areas like the neck, shoulders, and IT band. The smooth roller fits inside the hollow roller, and both rollers fit inside a carry bag, which makes it absolutely for travel and portability.

Together, our foam roller set provides the perfect balance of deep tissue and gentle massage for targeting every part of the body!


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