Amazon Customer

I just received this foam roller set in the mail and so far, so good! The set arrived handsomely packaged and I like how sturdy everything is. This was definitely a plus for me as I always like for every product that I own to last for a long period of time. Both my husband and I work in typical office setting environments which means we sit for eons of hours at a desk, and therefore is terrible for our backs. Now with this foam roller, we are able to use it for our backs to straighten it out as well as to get the knots out. As someone with a degree in health, I know how beneficial products like these can benefit your overall health in stretching out your muscles. Too many athletes work out hardcore in a gym or run for miles which in turn stresses their muscles and body out in the long run while simultaneously overlooking to incorporate flexibility training into their workout routine. Therefore, highly recommend this product to prevent such a fate for anyone!