Thuc Ngo

“I get bad knots in my hamstrings and my back, partly because I’m active, but partly because that’s just the way my muscle framework is. Even when I don’t work out, I get knots. I absolutely love the “Honeycomb” roller because its design is perfect for those lumpy, sore areas. It really is like getting a massage (I used to get regular massages, like every 1-2 weeks). The key is when you come to a knot, slow down the rolling or even just slowly move from side to side. That really works the “honeycomb” extrusions deep into the fibers and loosens the muscle up and releases the toxins. And of course, you always need a smooth roller! The smooth roller is great because it’s not to big and it really works perfectly on the back, neck, and IT band. Overall, this is an awesome roller set! I would recommend it to anyone!”