We’re on a mission to give our customers that extra little bit they need from their muscle therapy tools, and we love to hear when our customers love using their products.  It motivates us to continue working tirelessly to give you exactly what you need and provide you with a premium buying experience.


“Completely changed my life. If I could go back in time and start foam rolling 20 years ago, I would pay almost anything. I’ve lived a pretty painful life due to MS. This has helped me to increase my flexibility by enormous amounts.” – Amazon Customer


“I get bad knots in my hamstrings and my back, partly because I’m active, but partly because that’s just the way my muscle framework is. Even when I don’t work out, I get knots. I absolutely love the “Honeycomb” roller because its design is perfect for those lumpy, sore areas. It really is like getting a massage (I used to get regular massages, like every 1-2 weeks). The key is when you come to a knot, slow down the rolling or even just slowly move from side to side. That really works the “honeycomb” extrusions deep into the fibers and loosens the muscle up and releases the toxins. And of course, you always need a smooth roller! The smooth roller is great because it’s not to big and it really works perfectly on the back, neck, and IT band. Overall, this is an awesome roller set! I would recommend it to anyone!” – Amazon Customer

“Best of both worlds and compact for travel! First and foremost, I love rollers – so I am a bit biased. However, given my passion for these pain inducing products, I am a bit particular. I like the compact size – I have a much longer roller that I often use but it never leaves the house. I also have a number of lengths of PVC pipe in different diameters because I can’t stand wimpy, soft rollers – if I wanted to lie on a pillow I’d go take a nap. Though the inner roller is on the softer side, it has its place – especially given that it fits inside and is easily carried with you. The hollow tube is firm and quite effective. The padding is enough to soften the feel without sacrificing the necessary pressure to work out the deep knots. All in all, a very nice set.” – Amazon Customer

“I so ordered this for a different purpose. Okay so here’s the thing; I use a portable massage table and like many others, its flat. Not many people prefer to lay completely flat. I initially ordered this Premium Foam Roller Set as a knee bolster, but I have started using it for so many other reasons while working with people. I also used it in the morning before my daily practice as a stretching aid. I really did not think I was going to use it for myself as well but this thing really is useful for many different forms of body work. I actually got the idea from the inside of the label that comes with the product. By the way, to the seller, placing such a detailed chart in the inside was wonderfully ingenious. I was not expecting that at all. As much as I’ve used it already it would be crazy for me not to endorse it. I really do like this product.” – Amazon Customer

“Wow this foam roller is amazing! Unlike most, this one is very firm and has ridges which allows you to really massage the muscles. It’s a perfect size for the house and traveling. Also, it’s much lighter than it looks but built to last.” – Amazon Customer

“If you have super tight muscles like I do you know how important it is to foam roll. And it hurts and it sucks but these rollers are high quality and make the pain a little more bearable. I like how there is one that is smooth and one with ridges depending on what I need to work that day. This is a great kit and I highly recommend it!” – Amazon Customer

“I just received this foam roller set in the mail and so far, so good! The set arrived handsomely packaged and I like how sturdy everything is. This was definitely a plus for me as I always like for every product that I own to last for a long period of time. Both my husband and I work in typical office setting environments which means we sit for eons of hours at a desk, and therefore is terrible for our backs. Now with this foam roller, we are able to use it for our backs to straighten it out as well as to get the knots out. As someone with a degree in health, I know how beneficial products like these can benefit your overall health in stretching out your muscles. Too many athletes work out hardcore in a gym or run for miles which in turn stresses their muscles and body out in the long run while simultaneously overlooking to incorporate flexibility training into their workout routine. Therefore, highly recommend this product to prevent such a fate for anyone!” – Amazon Customer

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